Monday, April 07, 2008

Psyche's News Roundup

McCain's Speech On Iraq Progress Interrupted By News Of Green Zone Dead, Wounded

PBS' Iraq Documentary Sets Online Viewership Record

Think Progress - Chris Shays: I still havent read pre-war Iraq NIE (neither did Hillary)

Mark Penn "Resigns" From Clinton Camp - Politics on The Huffington Post

BBC NEWS | Mandela: US threatens world peace (Cheney: opposed Mandela's pardon)

The Cold Hard 9/11 Truth

TIME: Somewhere to Run To: Where Deposed Dictators Have Settled (Cheney, Bush family roadmap)

Grains Gone Wild - New York Times (Grain prices going limit-up)

Over the Top Fed Actions Feed Conspiracy Thinking | Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace

NYU dental professor discovers biological clock

The American Scholar - Getting It All Wrong - By Brian Boyd

Top 10 Wired Reader Night Photos, Decided by You

Church of Scientology warns Wikileaks over documents - Wikinews, the free news source

Are Animals Stuck In Time?

Sunday Herald: Scientists Crack Security System Of Millions Of Cars (Real ID, here we come!)

CFI Issues Critique of Civics Textbook | Center for Inquiry (Republican "education")

Hillary Clinton's Self-Swiftboating |

Hotline On Call: Kerry: Obama Won't Be Swift Boated Politics - Crushing New Poll For Clinton: Obama Leads By 23 In NC

PK: Voodoo Health Economics - New York Times (McCain's health care plan wouldn't cover himself)

Daily Kos: A Discussion with Eric Lichtblau: Bush's Law

There Were Orders to Follow - New York Times (Bush legalism parallels Nazi lawyerisms)

THE EXILE - Who Won Iraq's "Decisive" Battle? - By Gary Brecher - The War Nerd (not Maliki or Petraeus)

Charlton Heston, Epic Film Star and Voice of N.R.A., Dies at 83 - New York Times

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