Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Please Give To The Houston Victims Today

I was hoping to find an April Fool's graphic for today, but time was taken up by work and desperately filling out paperwork. This picture came along during a few out-of-context stolen blogging moments, and my media-saturated brain said to itself, "Huh. Self, look at these ex-Presidents pimping to get tsunami donations for Houston. Standing in front of a kid's crayon drawing of a Sky-Crane dropping supplies. And Houston's never going to be hit by a tsunami anyway! Why does it need a fund? Is there a depth to which these swine won't stoop?"

A few seconds later, it dawned on me it was from back when they were fund-raising for the tsunami that hit Banda Aceh and Thailand.
April Fool's on me. (The sign's syntax does sorta put Houston first.)

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