Sunday, October 14, 2007

How Corporations See Blogs

"They destroy brands and wreck lives! Is there any way to fight back?"

Nice to see that the knights who fight for the Divine Right of Capital are offended by blogs. ("It's all just so unfair!") China just shut off all RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds going into it, and now sits behind a great Information Wall. That probably won't happen here, but likely there will be regulations, and punishments, making it difficult to denigrate "brands."

Smart corporations reach out to blogs, and even have begun to hire bloggers and podcasters. Microsoft's XBox group recently hired Nelson Rodriguez, who ran "Achievement Junkie," one of the most popular podcasts about XBox games. It also hired Rob Greenlee of WebTalk Radio to head up its ZuneCast project, a destination, directory, and discovery tool for tens of thousands of podcasts.

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