Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Zoey & Me over at Cat in the Bag has a nose for nice graphics, and mixes them, along with odes to feline fealty and adventure, in with a keen and spare eye for timely political analysis. Today they have a nice surrealistic work up by Charnine, a painting of trees which have clouds for leaves. One of my favorite artists was the surrealist Rene Magritte, whose conveyances seemed to presage developments in scientific theories regarding paradoxically quantum aspects of time and object position. Charnine has quite a few fun paintings in the same vein.

The idea of an English phone booth on the moon is impractical, yet compelling. If you've ever been in an English phone booth, you know they were designed to withstand repeated impacts with light vehicles, lorries, meteorites, and all manner of abuse and come off with nothing more than a scuff or two and repair of a few glass panes.

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started a reading club. I thought you may be interested in this to be, hopefully discussed on neo-resistance,