Sunday, July 13, 2008

Missile Droop

As usual on weekends, blog time was limited, and although I'd much rather be writing about recent experiences driving shiny new cars and dodging drunken boaters on Lake Union, I've been bursting to point out the visual evidence of how our government's propaganda machine has lost its remaining shreds of self-respect. The Drudge Report and other parrots reported in the past few days that Iran had performed Shehab-3 ballistic missiles tests to defy our peace of mind and threaten a budding nuclear strike capability. Small problem: the pictures used to play up the story were of surface-to-air missiles with maximum ranges of 60 miles.

Long-range ballistic missiles fire straight up. Short-range surface-to-air missiles shoot up at an angle. News outlets and government sources who continue to rage for respect used pictures of missiles shooting up at angles to portray Iran as firing its 2,100 mile range Shehab-3s. Fake, fake, fake, fake.

It may be that Iran fired some of its ballistic honkers, but if so, it doesn't matter anymore and my taxpayer dollars are very sad, because they paid for the equivalent of sideshow geeks biting the heads off chickens, chewing Coca-Cola glasses down into small triangular shards, and blatantly demanding money before the inevitable oncoming rushes of my bloody, regretful carbon humanum.

Whatever inept dipshits gave these pics to news agencies should be disgraced as ignorant, unprofessional, and betraying an egregious stupidity. If the Iranians actually fired some ballistic missiles, which is doubtful, there are satellite images fully recording their trajectories. In the absence of those pictures, these articles are just bluff-bellicose negotiating-stance crap, a neo-borscht of transparently failed diplomacy.


Jon said...

I agree with you. But it scares me to realize that if some other country, especially Iran, really did have weapons that threatened US security, we still wouldn't believe this administration.

That is a profound, and scary, idea. Destroying American trust in government is perhaps the most destructive thing this most-destructive-administration has done to the country. As the man says, "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, uh, ah, won't get fooled again."

MarcLord said...

That's where we're at, the dog whose sadistic master has messed with its head too much. The very concept of trusting a government is frightening to me, but it's necessary on a popular level for continued efficiency, much less function.

Brother Tim said...

The Chimpromised MSM will print whatever they're told to print. Independent journalism has been relegated to the blogosphere.

Naj said...

For god's sake: Iran had weapons that THREATENED UNITED STATES????????

Holy crap!

Greetings from the rubble city, Berlin!

Being here, always makes me think of the folly of arrogance! Those who suffer it, will suffer a doomsday!