Saturday, July 19, 2008

There's No Place Like Rome...There's No Place Like Rome

Davo over at Wombat's Waffles (link at right) put up the picture of the Catholic leader, perfectly accessorized with bold red Prada shoes. Nothing against gayness, pontiff, but Nathan Lane's outfits in the American remake of La Cage aux Folles weren't as flaming as those goddamned shoes:
"Why, what are you insinuating, my son? Straight non-pedophiles wear shoes just like these all the time! And nothing supernatural whatsoever occurs when I click the heels together. Now kiss the ring before I spank you."
Seems the pope, whose online screen name is PBXVI, was visiting Oz this week because around 40 active Catholics live there. To paraphrase the guy in Sling Blade, "Some folks just need drillin,' hrrmmm." If I have offended any Catholics, god be with you, and please feel free to comically eviscerate what is technically still my religion. Mormonism.


Davo said...

Oy, don't blame me .. i nicked the pic off the web .. but looking at it again, wonder what those funny little steel thingo's just under the toes are for .. heh.

Jon said...

What, are you afraid some uncouth idiot will make a rude joke about magic underwear? I think we're all way too mature for that....

MarcLord said...

hey, davo, I have to blame somebody, and you're on the right Continent.


you never hear about Mormons needing Viagra, do you? That's why the underwear is magic.