Saturday, August 26, 2006


Chavez has yet another deal with China to sell it his oil. Which is really our oil, or at least it was when we had leaders who knew how to keep those lazy, lazy South Americans and their dictators in line. Even worse, most of the 1 million barrels per day China plans to rape from our hemisphere is currently undersea, sitting there all pristine and undisturbed, even if it does have a little sulfur in it. According to the article, those fiendish devils think they're going to drill offshore:

'As well as a joint refinery project, Venezuela's state-run oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela, has announced in the past week that China will build 13 oil drilling platforms, supply 18 oil tankers and collaborate in the exploration of a new heavy oil field in the Orinoco Belt.'

Holy cow. If you happen to be an oil man and you're also white, this one has to hurt. In fact, a very senior White House official was quoted anonymously as saying, "It will be a cold day in hell before we let those slant-eyed (expletive deleted) get one black (expletives deleted) drop up out of the Orinoco (expletives deleted) basin. We'll blow those offshore rigs to motherfucking smithereens first, make no mistake, wa-ha-hahahaha!" Well, even so, maybe it's time to get one of those 10,000 gallon furnace tanks, dig it down deep into my backyard, and fill it with heating oil.

Full article at:,,1858764,00.html

(Graphic is of burning Iranian oil platforms in the Sirri and Sassan oil fields, shelled by US warships during Operation Praying Mantis on April 18, 1988 in support of Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq War.)

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