Monday, February 02, 2009

Psyche's News Roundup

U.S. role in Gaza invasion | Salon News: Powered by the U.S. - Taxpayers are spending over $1 billion to send refined fuel to the Israeli military
Glenn Greenwald - - The L.A. Times, Obama & Renditions (we can't do without torture)
From the Field: Is a "special" Turkey disappearing? (pornographic Israeli gymnastics)

Media Matters - The LA Times takes a cheap shot at Dr. Jill Biden (a children's school teacher conflated with "Dr." Condaleeza Rice." Write to:
Media Matters - NBC's David Gregory falsely claims Social Security will "pay out more than it's taking in by 2010"
Bailed Out Banks Still Spending Millions On Sports Sponsorships, Considering New Ones (They can't survive by banking alone)

Poll: Majority Of Republicans Want Party To Be More Like Palin (ah geez)
The Expeditionary Imperative: America’s national security structure is designed to confront the challenges of the last century rather than our ­own (ight the last war, not the next)
The Washington Independent » The Triumph of Blue Patriotism

Our Local Correspondents: Ms. Kennedy Regrets: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker: She’s unable to be in the Senate today (not cut out to be a Senator)
The Zany Adventures of (Senator) Caroline Kennedy -- New York Magazine - But the overriding principle of Caroline Kennedy’s life had been one of sphinx-like silence (ditto)
Sony's Sorrows: Japan's Iconic Brands Under Fire - TIME

Bailed-Out Bankers To Be Hauled Before Congress (marshmallows do catch fire)
Op-Ed Columnist - Bailouts for Bunglers - - “lemon socialism”: taxpayers bear the cost if things go wrong, but stockholders and executives get the benefits if things go right (ah, yup)
Kevin Drum - Mother Jones Blog: Today's Two Minutes Hate - Shop at Wal-Mart, obviously a sign of financial distress, and your credit limit gets lowered (credit cards gouging, going after good payers)

E-Commerce News: USPS 5-Day Delivery Week Could Hurt E-Commerce (Amazon, Netflix, Craigslist)
Macy's Cuts 7,000 Jobs, Slashes Dividend -
What the Richest Men in the World Don't Know - The Daily Beast - Study the lives of the nine wealthiest financiers of 1923; quarter-century later, they were all either dead, broke, or in prison (upheaval)

Leaping Real Eyes Archives (why you need at least $5,000 in cash on hand at all times)
Welfare Aid Isn’t Growing as Economy Drops Off - (18 States cut welfare rolls as economy tanked)
Brave New Welfare: Layoff Daily (cash payments out lowest in 40 years)

Chinese earthquake may have been man-made, say scientists - Telegraph
Selfish adults 'threat to children' - Yahoo! News UK: An aggressive pursuit of personal success by adults is now the "greatest threat" to the wellbeing and happiness of children, according to a landmark inquiry
Miami Beach Still Loves its Patio Heaters : TreeHugger: never put a sweater over your Versace top

The Ecologist - Life, religion and everything: Biologist and author Rupert Sheldrake believes that the world’s religions have a crucial role in restoring the earth’s ecological balance
Canada intervenes in Saudi marital dispute: Morin’s mother has said her daughter is unable to leave because, under Saudi law, she is his property because she is the mother of his children (valuable chattel)
'Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.' by Victor Stenger -

Our unconscious brain makes the best decisions possible (get out the deer rifle?)
Lawrence Schiller - Pop International Galleries (the Sixties)
The Zeitgeist Movement


Still Life Living said...

Great list of articles. I am looking forward to reading the ones on religion/environment and how to destroy our children and future generations.

MarcLord said...

Glad you saw this. It's all about the mutations, our descendants, and conditions of fitness we can't know.