Monday, February 16, 2009

Hell-Hound On My Trail

The cryptozoological terror sighted above torments my existence. If I were to flee to the Swiss Alps and hide out in the conference halls of Davos, it would track me down across continents and seas to emphatically corner me, her whole body trembling like some frenetic freak as she drills her dark expectant eyes into me and telepathically blasts out the message, "Give the dog your food. Give the dog your food!" She also has this routine of "are you ready to go out, are we going out? Are you ready yet because I'd really really like to go out out out and pee on everything and maybe I'll see a squirrel and then I'll climb up a fence or a tree and lick it to death."

Her name is Ripley, she is (allegedly) a Jack Russell terrier, geriatric yet undaunted. For any of you who own one of these accursed fox-hounds you know that one of their many annoying mutant traits is they simply must burrow under the covers with you, any covers, and sometimes you'll wake up to this thing, this awful horrible stink-mouthed thing licking your feet. She also has literally run off walls, caroming off the four corners of a room. This was not my choice, my wife inflicted this animal upon me and somehow it became my job, my job, to feed and entertain it. To top it off, more money has gone into her dental work in the past 4 years than has gone into mine in 20. God help us all.


Vincent said...

Your dog has dental work? This caps it all, indeed.

Still Life Living said...

I would recognize those paws anywhere. But I kink of like her breath. And having your toes licked, oh what I would give to have my toes cleaned with that level of affection?

MarcLord said...


even worse than that. The "dental work" was simply removal of about 20 of her teetch on two occasions. it is scandalously expensive to knock a dog out and pull out some teeth in my crazy messed-up country.

MarcLord said...


then I have a dog for you, you sheep molester.

Anonymous said...

I had a Jack, too - one of the short fat squatty-looking ones. I never got him dental work. He didn't take well to the new baby a couple of years ago, so he had to go. Shame, I miss that dog - whip smart.
I can't believe you got the dog dental work. I want to live in Marc-Land in a future life, but only if I come back as the dog.

Anonymous said...

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