Friday, September 14, 2007

The Sons Of Norway

A lot of Scandinavians came to the American Northwest to cut timber, to fish, and to enjoy the same rain, cold, and early dusks they had in the Old Country. Quite some number of them took a short-cut and got dropped right off in Seattle or Portland. Just a couple of miles away in Ballard there are still people who say, "Ya sure, you betcha!," and even have "Uff da!" bumper stickers on their cars.

Still, when we drove by a Sons of Norway hall on the outskirts of Seaside, Oregon, it seemed quaint enough to bring on a little chuckle, as in, "Good to know you guys are keeping the faith." It reminded me of one of the yokes I heard at Scandinavian expense:

Q: Where do the Norwegian alcoholics go?

A: To Betty Fjord's!

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