Thursday, October 29, 2009

South Carolina Legislature Rethinks Socialism, Taps Stimulus $$

The state legislature in South Carolina acted Wednesday to send millions of dollars in benefits to the unemployed, reports Yvonne Wenger of the Post and Courier. The state legislature acted to correct an "oversight" that prevented the use of stimulus funds, Wenger reports, extending benefits for five months. About 113,000 residents have exhausted their benefits so far this year.


isabelita said...

And Boeing has gone south to take advantage of desperate people who will work for about fourteen bucks an hour in SC. It's just a replay of the old plantation owner days. Next thing ya know, Boeing will be in Mexico, running company stores...

MarcLord said...

Hi Iz,

and i suppose you heard that SC gave the Boeing Industrial Complex $175 million up front to create the non-union sharecropping jobs. Maybe Mexico wouldn't cough that much up...

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