Saturday, October 03, 2009

Finally An Attack Democrat For Health Care Reform

Here's how it's done. Rep Alan Grayson (D-FL) goes on the offensive with guns blazing at precisely the right time. Grayson stood up in Congress and said that the Republicans are a bunch of Neanderthals who don't even have a health care plan: "What their plan amounts to is, 'Don't get sick, of if you do--die quickly." You can imagine the swinging that ensued on the monkey bars after that one, to which Grayson replied, in paraphrase: "Tough shit. I meant exactly what I said. You losers have no plan."

Here's some nice dining room talking point ammo he shoots in the above interview:
122 Americans die every single day because they don't have health care
Simple. Clean. If anybody wants to argue with that statement, they expose themselves as either not very interested in the benefits of being an American citizen or just mouthing someone else's shit-stirring.

Everybody from people who are happy with their Medicare to somebody looking for another cardboard box to sleep in knows that the medical industry is in need of a proper beating and has generally stopped making sense. The far left and far right should at least be able to agree on that.

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