Friday, March 28, 2008

Top Ten Things Joe Lieberman Whispers To John McCain
10) John...we invaded Iraq, not Poughkeepsie.

It's the Wailing Wall, not the Whaling Wall.

8) Stop hogging the blankets, you brute.

7) Bomb-Bomb Iran is based on a Beach Boys song, not Nancy Sinatra.

6) That's a camel you're talking to.

5) Not meaning to interrupt your press conference, come you never hug me?

4) One of your sock suspenders just snapped and brought down an unmanned drone.

You're scratching your balls in front of the press corps again.

2) When you're president, can I come over and play with the red phone?

1) Do you always grind pepper on your JELL-O?

(shamelessly lifted from Cat in the Bag, who found it at DKos)


Anonymous said...

"Shamelessly" I steal everything on the net and give to the Cat in the Bag.!!!

Anonymous said...

It's Me again. I tagged you to come up with a six word memoir. Read the rules at Cat in the Bag.

Naj said...

Hi Mark,

maybe a stupid Question, but do you have a little java something that tries to communicate with your viewer's computers?

am having computer problems, and ass they coincide with my visit here, i'm doing investigative search to see whasss goin' on :)

Caitlin said...

Huh. Hi, Naj. I certainly hope not, and also hope I would've noticed, since I access my blog from multiple devices. Still, I'll test it from a new one...wouldn't want one of my favorite bloggers to be frisked! Tell me if it doesn't go away.

Caitlin said...


Cool, I came up with "That guy is gonna go places." Better than "He's a hard person to figure out," which is how a lot of other people would write it for me!

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