Saturday, March 08, 2008

Psyche's News Roundup

NPR: Obama Ahead in Texas Caucuses (Clinton lost TX)

The Raw Story | Bush vetoes bill outlawing CIA waterboarding

Telecom Immunity: Bare-bones Congressional Felony

Tucker Carlson unintentionally reveals the role of the American press - (to suck up)

Clinton's experience claim under scrutiny -- (no foreign policy experience)

Talking Points Memo | Temper, temper ... (McCain flips out at reporter -- Commander in Chief material)

Elevated Electric Bill Prompts Pot Raid - March 30, 2004

ABC News: 'Iceman' Continues to Baffle Doctors

YouTube - We Are The Web

Daily Kos: Updated 2x - Why isn't MSM reporting the truth about NAFTA Clinton Involvement??? (dirty Hillary)

CBC Canada: Hillary's dirty tricks are big news 'NAFTAgate' began with remark from Harper's chief of staff

Samantha Power Resigns Over Hillary "Monster" Remark - Politics on The Huffington Post

Firedoglake » Why Is Hillary Campaigning For John McCain?

Daily Kos: Desperate Clinton crosses 'the Joe Lieberman threshold' - Official threatens voter fraud whistleblower Audio only

Jobs Decline Most in Five Years - Economy -

Larry David: On the Red Phone - Politics on The Huffington Post

Is Vanity Fair's Ignored Scoop | (Too Many Bush/Cheney Crimes)

ILWU to Shut Down West Coast Ports May 1 Demanding End to War in Iraq, Afghanistan : Indybay

Harvard gym tests Muslim women-only hours - Education-

Pentagon attack last June stole an "amazing amount" of data

Publishers are braced for the slow death of the book - Times Online

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