Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Health Plan, Short Take

Drum roll, and grains of salt to day jobs. The Baucus "bipartisan" plan would require every American to purchase health insurance from a private company. That's referred to as an "individual mandate." While there appears to be a limit on pre-existing denials, there also appears to be no cap on rate hikes whatsoever.

Net-net, the insurance companies would pick up 30-50 million new customers and set rates at will with no accountability except to each other. Fortunately, this P.O.S. won't make it out of committee. It and the Democrats will be eviscerated by Republicans, and rightly so. Then something worse will ensue.

We have established what you are, sirs and madames, and there was not much haggling over price.


The Moose said...

WoooHooooo! Pretty soon we won't care about Health Care. Dust off the bong.

Unknown said...

I am so tired of being the fall-out; I want my feet planted firmly on the earth! I've contributed my part from here, but approaching older-age (?) I am left with a question for the future??? Where is the solid under-pinning of those who were caught with their pants down while they were querying (?sic) Ask the Orcas???