Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iran News Roundup

Everybody's pressuring Khameini, who seems past the point of no return. In response, the Revolutionary Guard warns of much more violence waiting for protesters:
A statement posted Monday on the Guard's Web site warned protesters to "be prepared for a resolution and revolutionary confrontation with the Guards, Basij and other security forces and disciplinary forces."
Mousavi bets otherwise, and urges more protests. ""In your protests, continue to show restraint. I am expecting armed forces to avoid irreversible damage," he said." (Reuters)

Former President Khatami chimes in, who "warned of 'dangerous consequences' if the people were prevented from expressing their demands in peaceful ways. "

Iran arrested 457 demonstrators yesterday per state radio, although Rafsanjani's daughter has been released.
The Guardian Council validated the election after review, but official dissent builds. Parliamentary Speaker Larijani:
But in a sign of the divisions emerging among senior Iranian figures over the vote, parliament speaker Ali Larijani said: "A large portion of the people perceived the election result to be different to the one officially announced. This perception must be respected. (AFP)
The sensational video above is of "peaceful demonstrations" Iranian-style, wherein police are sent into full-tilt retreat. Watch it. Then tell me if you can remember any instance in American history when police or army units did not fire on a crowd acting in similar fashion. Because I can't think of one.


Jon said...

I know I'm off topic, but I've been thinking about the Republicans who are criticizing President Obama for not doing enough to help the Iranian people. Never mind that these same pundits would be just as critical if not more so if he was more involved.

Anyway, it reminded me of another country in a similar situation. Rigged elections, the people spontaneously rising up in revolt against tyranny. In that case, the U.S. President went on TV and blatantly lied, saying that during the ballot count there was "cheating on both sides," in an effort to prop up the dictator.

The country was The Philippines, of course, and then-President Reagan was awoken from a cabinet meeting to make the statement. His administration went on defending the corrupt and contemptible Marcos regime long after it became obvious to the world that it was doomed.

So, as usual, the proper response to Republican pundits is "STFU."

MarcLord said...


not OT at all, and thanks for he history red flag. This happened in my Mostly Lost Decade, and I only
remember F-16s bombing targets in the Phillipines on the front pages of foreign newspapers. My peeps pointed them out and handed them to me, and I rolled my eyes and said, "We learn nothing."

Which brings me round to the question: how do we learn something?

Anonymous said...


Here is a video pointing out how ignorant Iranians are. It is a hoot.


Still Life Living

Naj said...

uhmm, so you are condoning the "similar" behavior of the American police shooting at protester?!!

Also, has at any point in American history such an open assault been made on democracy, and have they rigged elections so OBVIOULSY?!

still life living: i cannot open your link, so i am not sure what the icon of American intellectualism, John Stewart, has to say about us ignorant fools! Kindly please drop the link off at iranfacts.blogspot.com

Marc, also take a look at some of my recent posts! Funny how you have STOPPED visiting "Iran FACTS" NOW!!