Friday, May 08, 2009

Swine Flu Blogging

My household has been in the grip of Swine Flu for the past three days. Our youngest got it first, exhibiting symptoms on Wednesday at 3 AM, angry because he doesn't yet know how to snort and clear the snot clogging his nasal passages, and his anger lasted until he fell back asleep at 10 AM.

I took ill yesterday, body and joint aches, low fever, plehgm and respiratory complaints. In the morning, there was that unmistakable Got Hit By a Truck feeling and I've stayed in bed most of the last two days. Then a family friend staying with us came down with it this morning, and Lord Running Boy's flushed cheeks, reasonable affect, hot forehead and slowed mien confirmed his case tonight. Only Lord Wife is symptom-free so far, and I hope she catches a prophylactic case of it.

People are joking we should have a Swine Flu Party because they intuitively think it's better to get it now rather than later. They're right. If you're exposed to the mild version, you've gained antibodies against the one that'll come roaring back in the Fall. In my previous post, I didn't mention my real reason for worry. This thing was first created in labs, combining the most genetically lethal versions of H1N1 Spanish Flu from cadavers with the 50% death rate H5N1 avian flu. It was taken from cadavers and designed for maximum death, for worst-case scenarios.

That's what they were so afraid of. They made it in Petri dishes back in 2004 and tried to make vaccines before toying with weaponization and genetic targeting. They think labs aren't part of nature, they can be walled off with doors. Atoms, crystals, molecules, structures communicate with each other through morphically resonant primordial soups none of us can see and few of us apprehend or understand. The rule is this: once it exists, it communicates and it proliferates. It's not so bad, just a lethargy and inability to concentrate on something so long as a movie or writing a blog post.


Vincent said...

But ... how do you know it's swine flu? What are the sources for your allegations about the disease's origins? It sounds like ordinary flu to me.

Still, flu is flu. Get well soon, take it easy, post when you can.

Bruce said...

I had the flu in early April -- fever, chills, hit by truck, not much respiratory, although it sorta moved around to check everything out before it left. But for a couple of days there, well, I felt so bad that I laid on the couch and watched Wall Street in the middle of the afternoon on regular TV with commercials every ten minutes, to give you an idea.

Hope you all are back on your feet soon.

Anonymous said...


This was exactly my response to the post. No, we have no serology. But we have figured out the causal link (a sitter for the baby that spent time in Yakima 14 days' ago helping Mexican immigrants fill-in paperwork).

Lord Wife

MarcLord said...

Hi Vincent,

thank you and yes, I shoulda sourced it with the WHO-CDC story. In short, the WHO asked the CDC and other countries to combine H1N1 (Swine Flu) with H5N1 (Avian Flu), and this according to Wikipedia is the version in the Mexican outbreak. Our babysitter was exposed to a large number of migrant workers from Mexico, then she got sick, then she was with our baby who promptly got sick. A pretty strong case. Strong enough that I took out the words "in all likelihood" from the first sentence.

Lord Wife is the only member of the household who hasn't had much in the way of symptoms, we are all on the mend.

MarcLord said...


thanks and yeah it was bad if you were doing that. Wall Street? Actually it was much the same here, I stooped to Chris Matthews and when there wasn't the energy to change the channel.

Bee said...

I hope you're all on the downside of it. Lord Wife, you have my sympathy, for sure. Nothing like taking care of a passel of sick relations.

phil said...

Dang, I think we're downwind of you this weekend. Hope it's the mild case for all of you, and you recover quickly.

Here's some bedtime reading for your kids

MarcLord said...


thank you, it's on the downside except for the last guy to get it, Lord Running Boy, who may well have the strongest immune system in the house. he's in the downstairs bedroom, having fallen asleep at 6PM. everybody else seems mostly over it. Its hallmark is its mildness, unless you have an exceptionally strong immune system or are on medication designed to boost it.

MarcLord said...


thanks and we'll send some air kisses your way. It really wasn't bad and is worth getting for the prophylactic effect for what's going to boomerang back in the Fall.

Naj said...

Are you good now?